How i can to manipulate control points on a surface?

hey i trying to control the points of a surface in every (xyz) … how i can do this for one by one points ? thanks a lot

The question is not clear and you didn’t upload the files. I don’t think anybody can help until those problems are rectified. (13.9 KB)
what do toy mean"The question is not clear?"

i mean that the ssurface has some points on it … and i want the way that that points can moved in every (xyz)

You mentioned control-points, but the image showed regular points. I was confused by that.

I also don’t know what “[…] move in every (xyz) […]” means. Do you want to manually specify the deviation along each axis for each point? That would mean nursing a collection hundreds of variables or sliders. Is there some logic you want to apply to the movement in x, different logic for y and some more different logic for z? Or is the direction of motion determine by a single constraint?

no the first thing that you said … in other words i want to make a editable surface that i can control every point in different logic axis (x,y,z) . I want to move one by one points in different direction
something like this

That’s only possible for control-points, not just any old point you have on a surface. It’s also pretty counter to the way Grasshopper works. You can create a surface in Rhino, modify the control-points all you want, then reference it as geometry into Grasshopper and use it for further calculations.

ok thank you !!! your reply’s are very useful