Control visibility without layer

Hello guys,

for a feature I create a layer with some sublayers, adding a geometry to each sublayer to show/hide it. This is working quite well but there is a risk that the user changes the layers/geometries. I only want to show or hide the objects but while I am in that mode it should not be possible to change any of the things I am working with. Is there some functionality to maybe hide a layer for the user but keep the system running for the developer? Or is there even a way to show/hide geometries without any layers?

Thanks in advance!


With objects added to the document, there isn’t much you can do to keep the user from editing his/her geometry. Other than layer visibility, objects also have visibility. Rhino’s Hide and Show command demonstrate this.

For objects not in the document, you can always draw what you want/what you don’t want. Picking becomes more challenging, though.

Hey dale,

thank you very much, the object visibility is exactly what I need. I have to do some fine tuning but the main problem is solved! :smile:


Hey again,

I’ve been working with the object visibility some time now and noticed that 1. the selection is lost, which can be fixed by myself, and 2. the selection cannot be changed anymore after hiding and showing. When I leave the picking it works again. Any idea on this? Need more information?

Thank you very much