Control points and net fully visible when draft angle on

Hi all.
As title, subd/surface control points and dashed net is fully visible (drawn in front of) the coloured mesh of draft angle analisys. Wireframe or Shaded mode.

In shaded mode is easier to drag/work with control points than in wireframe mode.
With this “bug” it’s like being forced to work in wireframe mode if draf analisys on, even if shaded mode is on.

Rendered mode is the same.

Ghosted mode:
the opposite

Hi Riccardo - thanks, I added this

RH-73198 Display: False color anlaysis modes do not block cointrol polygon visibility

but it is opposed by
RH-41407 Display: Show occluded control points

So there is yet another option, perhaps…


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One solution is for control point and net visibility with false color analysis to depend on the display mode. Visible if the display mode is wireframe, x-ray, etc, and obscured if the display mode is shaded, rendered, etc.


Any news about this?

It’s really common for us to work on SubDs while having draft/curvature analysis + curvature graph on some edges + control point/net visible.

In the current 7/WIP control net is visible, completely, all the times.
But you can’t snap on and even select control points that are (unwanted) visible!!!
Please try this yourself , to understand.

What’s the use of seeing them if you can’t select or snap to them???

Wireframe/Shaded mode should have effect (on visibility and select-ability of objects) even while a custom colored mesh of an analysis tool is on.

Opposed to this, you can select the control point net (the dashed lines) and, while this can sometime be handy (because thanks to this you can select some point and snap to them or edit them), it is really tricky…
Like, when you want to window-select a small group of points in the middle of a mess scene (I’m often inside a subd), but you have to avoid clicking on the net!
… wtf!

@pascal … any news?
I’m not alone on this one:

zebra mess
Here I’m swapping CullControlPolygon on and off as suggested by @Gijs … not big difference, still a mess.

Also, at the cost of repeating myself: the “grips that are visible but shouldn’t” cannot be selected!! (but dashed control polygon, can) … making those grips completely useless on screen, only bothering the unlucky guy working. How can I not see this as a bug?

And a big one… I consider this scenario pretty frequent.

@stevebaer @pascal

Please, can we have this fixed once forever?
This is SO stupid. So frustrating.

Proper grips / surface points for when they SHOULD be visible, when it make sense.


This should have been fixed before Rhino 7 release.
Please don’t leave this “future” or push it to 9.x etc…


Also, analysis modes should leave a bit of “shaded” shading, to let one still perceive a bit of the shape it is working on. Not a full-screen of perfect 255,0,0 RED tint with floating grips and control nets (95% or my workflow today.
Maybe let users have N color-value to define custom gradients?
Also a range where to show the gradient and with a threshold where to make the gradient go alpha/invisible, to let the user work! wow!
Just try something, please!

Rhino 8.8 will have a test command called TestToggleAnalysisControlPoints that can be used to make control points get occluded when shaded analysis modes like zebra and draft angle are enabled. We can then revisit how to properly expose this option in the user interface either as an application option, a display mode option, or an option on each analysis mode. We plan on shipping the first release candidate of 8.8 next week.

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Just installed 8.8 and tried it: seems perfect!
Thank you! :heart_eyes: