Editing the size of the control points on Rhino 5

I’m using Rhino for one of my school projects and want to show the effect of the position of the control points on the NURBS curve with some images I’m getting from Rhino. However the default size of the control points is not really enough for display purposes. How can I make these control points larger? (I’m using Rhino 5)

Hi Mert- this is set per display mode - in the Display panel, click the Edit… button at the bottom to access the current mode’s settings. In there, on the Objects page, look for Control points > Control point size.

any luck?


It is controlled per display mode.
Go to Options - View - Display Modes - (your display mode) - Objects - see “Control point size” on the right.

You might also like to try Testtoggleroundpoints command to get round control points.


Thanks for the quick reply. I followed your post but I can only control the size of the points from the objects page, and there is nothing for the control points Do you know what might be the reason?

Hi Mikolaj,
Thanks for the reply and the tip for getting round control points. However from the objects I can only control the size of the points, and there is no option for the control points.

Hi Mert- the setting is on the top level objects page - Control point size - not under Objects > Points. See it?



Thanks Pascal. I can change it now.