Rhino v6: Select curve and see huge control points

Hello to all.

On using Rhino v6 with current updates installed, I find that when I select a curve, it’s control points are displayed by default. They are huge; golf balls, and selecting end, quad, whatever is most awkward. This display interferes with selection and move as well.

Can this feature be turned off?
Can control points be displayed as a simple dot?

Please let me know. These symptoms are not present in Rhino 5, current build.

Machine is an ultra desktop with Nvidia GeForce GTX Pascal video cards, driving very large UHD monitors. Windows 10, current build.

I’ve attempted to attach a screen shot.

Many thanks to you!

Hi Seim
You can turn this option off.like this

Excellent. Many thanks for responding promptly.

You can also change the control point size and type of display (round, square, etc.) in the each display mode.


Thanks Mitch, I am much obliged.