Contour Command not 100% reliable - Rhino 7

Hi All,

Does anyone know why the contour command is not 100% reliable?
In the attached file with a spacing of 500 there is a contour line not being extended through full width.
contour_R7.3dm (165.6 KB)

Hello- it looks like that contour grazes a knotline-

I’ll add a bug report for that,
RH-75445 Contour - misses near knotline

but… the surface is a bit messy and over defined-

I’d try to make this much more simply.


Thanks Pascal for reporting this bug.
I am aware that the surface is not the best but since it has been provided by another user I have to live with it anyhow :confused: and I suppose that the contour command shouldn’t be interrupted irrespectively of the quality of the surface (as far as practicable ofcourse)