Investigating why some rhino commands fails without obviously reason

Rhino is great software. Unfortunately, has too many bugs. Make 2d doesn’t work, and many commands fail without reason, like the contour command in organic shapes ( it produces gaps). From my experience, I have found reasons that cause some of these problems. So let’s say about contouring. If you contouring an organic shape, decreasing the tolerance of the document solves the problem. Another way to solve the problem is to split the shape (into two or more parts) without clanging the tolerance. The same happens in other operations as Boolean subtract. I wanted once to make a solid smooth terrain for a large area. I began from a quad mesh I already had. I converted to subd without remeshing. Then I draw a solid box just a bit smaller than my subd and I tried to Boolean subtract from the box the subd. In the beginning, it fails and it shows me where it has intersection problems. There was no reason to fail in these areas. So I split the subd and the box into 4 pieces ( I began with 2 but still had errors). The corner in which I previously had problems in Boolean subtract, which don’t affect by the split command, now works perfectly. The way I use these 4 parts to fit perfectly together was to make an overlap between neighbors’ areas and then trim them back to the same line. From all these, I conclude that this is a memory allocation problem. And my computer has a lot of it. I will try to see if this is the case in other commands that fails like make 2d. I will try to keep a small part of a project, from the same camera angle, and see if some problematic areas in make 2d corrected.

I hope these findings help others, and especially the development team to solve these.

I think the development team would have a lot more to work with if you included a .3dm file or set of files that demonstrates what you are describing. Also helpful would be the output from Rhino’s system info command.

Hello - please post an example file for each case that you find does not work.


you are right. I am just very busy in the late days. It’s the end of the semester. I will post here when I find some time.

I am back with some videos to explain the issues from the first post.
I will start with the Boolean operations.
First, it will fail in the corners of a large subd but it will work correctly in the same corner if I divide the subd into two parts. Watch the video in YouTube because I am not able to load it here.

I continue with the same model and I cut vertical contours. You will see gaps in the contours. Again if I split a part of the model the contours in the same places are correct. Watch again on YouTube.

Finally, I use another model to use the make2d command which always produces errors for everyone. Firstly I make 2d in the whole model and after I use clipping planes to reduce the amount of geometry. You will see that in the same places after reducing the geometry the make2d command work as expected.

It seems to me that every time rhino fails for the same reason even if I use different commands.
I must say that I use rhino in a virtual machine because I wanted not the latest version but one before.
I notice that something changed in the latest version and the Boolean command on my first example now works as expected. In my second example, I saw only one gap using the latest version but with the make2d I saw again many errors.

I am not a programmer but it seems that is a memory issue that affects these rhino commands. And when using Rhino in Architecture there is always a lot of geometry.
I hope this can help developers solve these problems which I am sure affects everyone who uses Rhino.

Hello - the only way we can help is if you post files with the problematic geometry and the steps to reproduce the problem that you are reporting. Post the file(s) here, or send to with a link back to this topic in your comments.


ok i will send the files to But i am sure you can apply these in every model you have. I havent saw until not any model working as expected with the make2d command. I send these now.

I send them

Have you ever chech the files i sent and the workaround make some commands to work just by split the models to smaller parts?

Your previous post was from Aug 2021, please post a problematic file or send us the file again and we will take a look. Thanks