Continuous Skewed Quad Panels on multiple surfaces in Lunch Box

Hi all,

I am currently trying to do a continuous skewed quad pattern across multiple surfaces.
The issue I am facing is that the skewed panel pattern changes as it moves to the next surface.
I tried to use a script available on a similar topic but still not getting the desired output.

This is the image showing the issue where the pattern does not follow on to the next surface.

Script Image :

Rhino :
Continuous surface panelling.3dm (192.6 KB)
Continuous surface (12.3 KB)

check the uv direction of the surfaces

Continuous surface (21.0 KB)

Thank you Rajeev for helping with this.
I wanted to have the same pattern turn around on the other side. After checking your script, I did not quite understand your solution.
I have attached an image marking the panels on the other face in Red.
I also wanted to have the turning corner as a single module whenever it turns - marked in green. (Basically getting rid of the edge on the turning module)

It would be great if you can help on this, Thank you!

Continuous surface (28.2 KB)

Thank You Rajeev!

Panelling trimmed surfaces with Fillet.3dm (752.1 KB) (26.3 KB)

Hi Rajeev, I tried paneling, a multiple trimmed surface with theworkflow that you had but they end up with individual panels everytime.

The idea is to have a seamless surface paneling like shown below but with trimmed surfaces its difficult to have it as a whole.

can u make a seam less surface in rhino this one ?