Constraining newly drawn curves to a set z value

Hi all! While in plan view, I would like to draw curves at a set z-value instead of wrestling with it snapping to the highest elevation after the curves are extruded. For example, if I were to draw a wall in plan then extrude it +3’ in a front view, I would like to go back into plan view and draw off the corner of that wall at its base, not at the 3’ z-value that it typically snaps to. I know this can be done by utilizing different views but was curious if I could maintain my usual workflow of drawing in plan view without concern of it’s z value.

I hope this was a clear idea of what I am looking for - any help would be appreciated!

Hi -

To do that, you can check this option:
Rhino Options > Modeling Aids > Object snaps > Project object snaps to CPlane
In Rhino 7, there’s also the Project object snaps to Cplane in plan parallel views option.


Exactly what I need, thank you very much!