Connection hatch

Is there a possibility to choose which parts of the wall will be connected?

Hi Simon,
Yes, you need to assign the “Core” type to those layers in each wall style that are meant to be the structural ones and will tend to find each other in wall intersections. This parameter is edited by each wall layer, at the wall styles dialog:

Hi Francesc,

Great, it works nice. But there is now another issues : the double line shoot be only inside in the room, not on the window.

Regards, Simon

Hi Simon,
Unfortunately we haven’t implemented yet the option to make the wall layer wrappings stop at their meeting with an opening frame. But it is in the wish-list, so I’ll let you know when we make this work.
However in your example, you can change the direction of the wrapping, so it doesn’t turn to the exterior of the wall. This setting can be edited by wall style:

Perfect! Thank you very much.