Wall Styles Options | Wrapping and Type option Explanation

Hi, can someone explain to me the wall styles options below:

  • When selecting a wall-style: Default Wrapping Options --> Ends: Exterior, Interior or None | Openings: Exterior, Interior or None

  • When selecting a wall-style-layer --> Type: Core or Normal | Function: Finish, Structure, Insulation, Decoration or None

  • When selecting a wall-style-layer --> Wrapping: Ends, Openings, Ends & Openings or None

How do those options affect the outcome visually? Do they pass to parameters of the wall? Is there any manual of VA that I can get info about it?


Hi @zabrielza I recommend you taking a look at the VisualARQ Help (vaHelp command), where all these details are documented.
If there is anything that you need further information or it is not clear enough, please let me know.

@fsalla Thank you! The documentation is very helpful!

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