Gridshell Creation Techniques

Closure.3dm (1.0 MB) Hi,

Any ideas on how to make these three surfaces a single surface? I am stumped. Tried everything. Even used grasshopper to create perpendicular contours. It’s the ninety degree edge that I think is the problem. Thanks in advance.

Tricky to turn that into 1 surface. Why do you need one surface? A simple curvature match and join will create a smooth and nice polysurface.

Yes that does create a nice polysurface, but I am attempting to project/apply a triaxial gridshell pattern which I need to flow seamlessly from the top down the sides similar to King’s Cross. If it is two surfaces I cannot achieve this continuity unless I am overlooking something?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Ok so I’m hijacking my own topic to discuss different potential approaches on creating gridshells on complex surfaces and polysurfaces (if possible). With King’s Cross in mind as well as Fuksas where a diagrid pattern sweeps across a doubly curved roof and down the side supports with minimal stretching of the geometry.

This has been tough for me for two reasons: the particular base roof geometry is very hard to make a single surface (which is what I think is needed to map these patterns) and B: I am not completely sure how to maintain the scale of the pattern without stretching it as it continues down the sides. I know this is complicated and many people would use grasshopper, but the rudiments are the same - applying a pattern or projecting a pattern. Maybe some complex mathematics are used to maintain the side geometry, but I am not sure. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated as I have been delving into this subject for a project.

Here is my attempt for one section of the roof. Also an image of the entire roof is shown which is my end goal. Currently it was made with patch so it is a trimmed surface which is why I cannot merge or use t splines. My idea now is that I may try and network surface segments and then combine with the aforementioned technique. Finally I would ‘apply uv crv’ from a flat pattern.

Thank you