Converting 3D geometry into one single planar surface

Hi everyone,
I am trying to join two polysurfaces together (Roof and Walls/floor). Simply using join does not work. Could anyone help me please? I am new to Rhino and only using it for building simulation model purposes. I will attach the file and an image. 5 forum Single surface join.3dm (79.5 KB)

Here is the image

Hi Sandi - the edges of the two parts are too far apart to join:

(Zoom way in or test with CrvDeviation on the edges.)


Oh right thank you Pascal! What would be the easiest way to get them lined up? Is there a way that I can pull all those edges inwards?

HI Sandi - it looks to me like the shapes do not, quite, correspond - that is, they are not similar rectangles and so scaling uniformly will not get things lined up - the offset is .6 in each direction, so proportionally not the same. Try:

Move which ever one you want to change to match the other (I’ll assume roof) to snap exactly on one corner, then two shots of Scale1D is probably the simplest, snapping to corresponding corners of the two parts. That assumes that the roof can be ever so slightly distorted, of course.
You might want to MergeAllFaces when done as well.

But, I’d try to figure out how you got it into this state and avoid that in the future - my guess of the moment is that it is due to a missed object snap perhaps.


Thank you, that works.

My goal was to import a Revit model in to rhino and then to make the rhino model all single surfaces. I exploded the model and deleted the inside faces of the walls, floor and roof. So maybe the Revit model caused the offset or I deleted the wrong surfaces.