Connect an STL to a Solid

Is it possible to connect a STL file to a Solid file?
Or does the STL need to be turned into a NURB based mesh?

What is a solid file? Can you explain further what you are trying to do and why?

Hello Dale,
I mean a solid object, not just a surface, but a solid form.
For a shoe designing company I need to connect the shape of the foot to the shoe sole.
The shape of the foot will be a 3D scanned STL file. And the shoe sole will be a solid made in Rhino.

I hope this explains my question a little bit better.

You cannot “connect” mesh objects (like an imported stl) and NURBS objects. They have two completely different “genetic” natures, and cannot be combined. So if you need to have one object of a unified nature, you need to convert one of the formats to the other. Which you choose depends on what your end goal is (which you have not yet stated).

NURBS are easily converted into meshes. Meshes are hard to convert to NURBS. So, the “easy way out” is to convert your Rhino NURBS model into a mesh. Unfortunately, Rhino does not have good mesh editing tools, so once you do that, you model will be hard if not impossible edit within Rhino. So in general that is done at the last possible moment, and then the mesh model is exported somewhere else for 3D printing or whatever…

Otherwise, to have a good editable model of the whole object in Rhino, you would need to “convert” the imported mesh into a NURBS model. Generally that means using the mesh model as a guide and completely re-modeling it with Rhino’s curve/surface tools. Depending on the complexity of the form, this can be a little or a lot of work…


The end goal is creating shoe sole prototypes,
before they are going into large scale production.

Thank you very much for this information!