Creating solids from Rhinoresurf plugin


Hi All,
I didnt know this forum exists. I am relatively new to Rhino but learning fast.
The challenge I am facing at the moment relates to the RhinoResurf plug in for NURBS surfaces. I Basically have a point cloud data I am trying to convert to a solid CAD model for further analysis in Abaqus. I have a point cloud data of a surface from a laser scanner. Because its a surface data, I used Rhino to create binding sides (4 sides and a flat base) to form a closed space then used RhinoResurf for the point cloud. My problem is how to convert to 3D solid. I have tried to export as STL (to may be solidworks) but keeps telling me its not possible (Warning: The STL file you are saving is not adequate for creating rapid prototype parts).
Please any ideas about the right procedure would be appreciated.


(Margaret Becker) #2

Use the ShowEdges command to show “naked edges.” This will show you where your model is not closed. Repairing those places should help.