Connect 2 curves with lines (expert Lvl)

hi guys,

I try to connect 2 closed curves with lines.

The way I need this to be build is to have one curve divided based on a function (with the graph mapper) and its points connected the most vertically as possible to the next curve.

Curve closest point give me this kind of issues… (14.7 KB)
ve tried many things… this is not easy…



almost got it, that corner is causing trouble. Maybe you can find some solution :frowning: (19.1 KB)

Hi @Jakinta,

I know ! I also tried this plane|intersection methode, but their is always one corner which is wrong…

it is definitly a good problem ^^ …

A bit messy but it might be a solution… (30.1 KB)

thank you @Jakinta ! So as i understand its a sort of patch up at places where there is no lines ? Interesting !

I do have a series of curves like this to weave (15) … with multiple branches it willl be a nightmare though :S !


Yes it is patching up…

Here is a solution with more control of subcurve where there are no intersections. (35.0 KB)


Nice @jakinta ! Ill start form here, and now try to apply this for a set of 15 curves… I don’t know if ill be able to deal with one layer deeper of data tree structure…

thanks btw :wink: