Lines between closed curves by subsequent branch

Hi guys!

I got stuck on a data management problem which I am hoping does not require some kind of iterative logic in order to be solved. :sweat:

I have a set of closed curves, organized by ring, one ring per branch.
I need to generate the closest connection from one closed region to the other (in case the distance is identical, then create both connections).
Meaning: Branch {0;0} with {0;1} then {0;1} with {0:2} etc.

Pretty much like this operation but with branches instead of items.

Btw is the old forum taking way too long to load for anyone else? (38.8 KB)

Hi @ShynnSup one way is with group and ungroup (to easily manage data tree), then find 2 closest points and evaluate them if are similar, based on your example (white lines), this is the result. (51.5 KB)


Beautiful! I fixed it for you. :wink:

Hi @ErickVasquez, thank you! Very smart solution!

I love the fact that it’s wonderfully simple, esp. if you strip out the part that creates surfaces.
Really nice trick there with Group, @ErickVasquez. I hope I remember that one, thanks. (38.2 KB)

yeah groups to avoid pairing paths. @ShynnSup I’m curious about your discussions always related to connections and some tessellations. I would like to know what it is about or any chance to see your final works?

thanks @Joseph_Oster, I think this is the shortest way when you work with objects.


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