Join closed curves problem

Hi all,
After several attempts without result.
I have a request how to achieve a closed curve with this bunch of closed curves?
I thank you in advance for your (41.9 KB)

What are you trying to do with this closed curve? The curves you have are fairly complex, in 3d, etc so while it is possible to find their intersections as you have in your gh file, sorting them in order to join them back might be tough. Perhaps some idea of what you’d like to do with the curve might help us to give you other solutions.

It must be sometimes impossible to draw ONE closed curve .
If I remember well this is not possible to finish at the beginning with these curves

But it is possible to have overlapping curves if needed.

Curves that are draw on top are the path of the tool returning on the same path but at higher altitude !

Well … these curves are due to some Blob VS Voronoi Cells intersections??

Say from here:

To there (Wireframe from boolean result [Breps] as above):

If so … what’s the purpose of this “reverse” engineering?