Line between two close curves

Learning Grasshooper so please excuse my noob question.

I am struggling with finding correct ways to connect two closed curves, as per picture.

Red is my close curves.
Green the line I want between them.
Grey is who Grass is making it atm.

Also, can I do it without dividing any of the lines?

Appreciate help. Thanks.

What are the reqirements or constraints for the crossing lines? Do they have to be perpendicular to one or both lines? Any other guidelines about them?

If it would be good enough you could use perpendicular frames on one of the curves, and intersect CurvePlane with the other curve, then connect the two points (frame center and the intersection point on the other curve). This would guarantee perpendicularity only to one of the curves, though. Etc.

If you upload a gh-file with internalized curves and provide more specific info about the requirements for the crossing lines, then it’s more likely that you get the help you need to solve the problem.

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Hi the lines to build surface using Network Srf, unless there is other solution to build a surface between these lines?

Loft. Feed in the two curves into a loft component. No need for extra lines.

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The loft is not good as I cannot control undercuts.for example here is LOFTed 2 curves.

and the same using Networ surf

Is it correct to say that it’s not actually NetworkSrf on its own which handles this difficullty, instead it’s the manual placement of the crossing lines which guides the NetworkSrf to handle the tricky bit a little better(?)

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Actually you are right, thus, the idea was : the lines to be created “automatically” between the curves and then if needed adjusted manually, this would save me a lot of manual work.

How many curve pairs do you produce, and how many crossing lines per curve pair?

It is not trivial to make a script to place crossing lines “in the right places”, but if at least autogenerating the lines you could then manually cull the lines which are not needed, and the ones you want to keep you could drag Move and Osnap with Near along the curve to the “right places” (and the other end be adjusted using the line-end CP).

But of course it all depends on how much Curves and Lines you need to handle. You didn’t say that.

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Only two closed curves and crossing lines, well that depends I would say about 20, however, I needed grasshupper to kinda have this flexibility of changing the number of crossing lines on the go.

Why would you not want to use use Divide curve? At least you could produce the crossing lines with that and then adjust manually.

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Would this be of any help?

Crossing Lines Between (11.4 KB)

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