"Save as" creates a separate file?


I’m working on a file “A” at Rhino 6 but want to save it in R5 format for later use. So I used “save as”, set the R5 format and named it “B”. But so I get a R5 copy and the current open file stays file “A”. Is it right so? I expected that my current open file is “B” now.


If the format chosen during the ‘save as’ was v6 then you’d have that new file as the open one automatically like you expected. If the format is set to v5 during the ‘save as’ then v6 won’t automatically have it open in that session. v5 works the same way if you ‘save as’ a v4 version.

It could be nice to get a message for this special behavior (with an flag option “not show again”). In my case I was not interested in the R6 file conformity, because the file was needed for R5+VfR2. So general I would prefer to save R5 formats without a copy. (Maybe the option could be choosed during the save process.)