Cone Depth to Match Circle Diameter

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I’m a novice user, so forgive me if I am missing any obvious solutions.

In simple terms, I would like to mock up an effect you’d get by CNC milling the perforations with a V groove bit.

I am trying to array this cone (mock up of a CNC Milling bit) to the center of each circle and have it match the diameters of the different circles that generate this pattern. I have it set so that the largest circle diameter is .75 inches. I am looking to have a result where the connes go in at different depths in order to match the diameters of the circles. I am having a hard time explaining this properly, so I hope this makes sense. I have no idea where to begin, I was able to get this far before posting it on here.

Thanks in advance.

CONE TO CIRCLE.3dm (122.5 KB) (6.5 MB)

it seems to be more geometry than a Grasshopper problem.
There is a simple relation between the circle diameter and the cone movement in depth
depth = h x circle radius/cone radius=3/4 x circle radius /(3/(4x2))=2 x circle radius

Do you want a G-Code after that in order to CNC your pattern ?

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if you want like this it will make rhino very slow (6.5 MB)

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Hi Laurent,

Thanks for the reply. I am looking to do a boolean difference of the cones from the solid so that I can do a mock up rendering of what it will look like CNC’d.

Not really looking to generate a G-code at this time.

Hi Seghier,

Thank you! This is close but not quite there. I revised my post, hopefully the description is more clear. Basically what you did, just rotate the cones so that the point is facing the center of the circles from the pattern without scaling the cones, they should remain constant in size.

Or this maybe? you need to calculate tangent ((3/8)/(3/4)) and use it to find depths (6.5 MB)

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Hi Seghier,

This looks more like it, let me look through the script and see if I follow.

Thank you!

This is what mine is showing, not sure why it is rotated vertically.

maybe you rotate the original cone?

the cone must have this position and rotation


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Yikes! that was it! This is the solution I was looking for. Thank you kindly, I appreciate your time!

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