Tree Structure

Hi Ive spent hours on this I have come close to fixing my problem from earlier, I have created what I wanted on a singular segment and tried to apply the same script to the large group. I need help matching the data, which is what is giving me a hard time I would appreciate any help around :slightly_smiling_face:
GH (112.2 KB) Cone intersections.3dm (1.5 MB)

It seems to me that either of these two methods below (yellow group or white group) are better than what you are trying to do? (118.4 KB)

There are many ways of approaching this project…


Hi Jospeh This is really helpful thank you, but I was looking to make each cone have a degree of 37 degrees is there a way at achieve this? Thanks

Of course. Trigonometry! Geometry is internalized (circles), no need for Rhino file. (88.4 KB)

Choose either method, not both.

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Maths has always been my weak point thank you!