Computational design & fabrication pavilion by Autodesk using Rhino

I just saw this video by Autodesk which apparently has Rhino in there at 1:46, 2:02 and 2:31.


Shame they’ve disabled comments on the video ! :smiley:

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It’s ridiculous and sad how they blur the camera when Rhino is in use and at the same time they focus on the Autodesk logo.
Just like Nathan Miller said: Autodesk products are being associated with generative design through agressive, and often not fair, self-promotion.

to be fair they write in the info:

“The teams developed a digital design-to-fabrication workflow from different models and CNC processes using Dynamo, Monolith, PowerMill and other software“

but showing a project which seams developed exclusively with rhino and deactivating comments sounds like Unfair business practices bye bye Autodesk!

This is marvelous! Thank you for sharing! :smiley:

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its the first time in my life that i “unliked” a youtube video. not that i “liked” any before either. i hope i did my duty childish or not :wink:

Don’t get confused, Tomorrow’s trends be like “Autodesk acquires Mcneel”
Poor Autodesk lol

I think you forgot “using Rhino” from your topic title.


There, I fixed it for you. :wink:

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