Buy offer?

Will autodesk Propose to Buy mcneel Will mcneel Want to Do It or Will It Accept It?

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Good question :yum:

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This has been discussed many times before. If McNeel wanted to sell out, it would have been a done deal a long time ago. But fortunately for all of us, the answer is no. End of story.


Yes, I hope that doesn’t happen

I agree and hope as well that does not happen. The personal level experience with Rhino that I have enjoyed since downloading the free beta back in the 90’s has been a joy. Is there something we as Rhino users need? We can find it daily right here. Is Rhino perfect? I don’t know but I sure have done well with Rhino and enjoy the fact that it’s layout and tools was something I fell in line with immediately. Rhino is the most natural of 3D programs that I’ve ever tried. Autodesk would know the heck out of Rhino and I’d have to look elsewhere.

May God help us! They would destroy this amazing software…
I’d probably go back to making everything by hand.