Rhino in social media, Youtube, etc?

Anyone have any recent examples of this? I’ve been browsing maker videos for more than a decade now, and in recent years, I don’t think I’ve seen Rhino even once, but perhaps I’m looking at the wrong people?

I have, however, seen this, this, this, this and this… that’s totalling many, many millions of views and Autodesk didn’t have to pay a single dollar for that free advertising.

Other creators with millions upon millions of views where you can see CAD software are Stuff Made Here (Inventor), Linus Tech Tips and Hacksmith Industries (Solidworks).

Are there any creators with millions of views who use and show off Rhino?


I don’t know of any no, but would be interested in it as well. I think a decade ago it used to be mostly SketchUp, since it was free and so easy to learn. Then Fusion 360 basically took over the market with their free license which got more and more limited over the years when everybody already got hooked.

Of course those are 100% paid sponsorships, and probably some of the others too.

Rhino’s a niche product…a niche of a niche…

I saw a bunch of Linus videos that were sponsored by SOLIDWORKS.

Here is one:

Also these channels shows cool things without much technicality. That’s why they probably gravitate into simpler tools without being concerned about losing audience due to quadremesh intimidation.

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This is more of a question but might be a reason why these particular people use Solidworks, Fusion, Inventor, etc…:

I think these programs, or at least some of them, have a feature where items are constrained from intersecting one another. So for the bolt maze, gears, etc… this makes things way easier. I think Rhino will have similar features eventually.

I went to see how much Solidworks actually costs these days. I had to navigate through like 10 pages before I found out how much their ‘cloud’ version costs… it wasn’t pretty. Cloud versions are great of course (but not really) until they aren’t.

you can spot a rhino in the wild at 8:43


Nice catch, and that’s a large channel too! :+1:

Weta Workshop - Blade Runner 2049 Miniatures


At around 3:50. The video’s thumb nail is most likely photoshopped Rhino3D screen grabs.

A few years ago, I had recommended that McNeel donate 3 NFRs to Hackaday.com for giveaway. The idea popooed. (Scuffs feet) What do I know, I just hang out in the most popular coffee shop in Silicon Valley, talking to people at startups, every day.

I’m not sure, and kinda doubt it. Although, there’s way more videos nowadays than there were 10+yrs ago.

And the biggest issue is probably associated with intellectual property, trade secrets, and proprietary technology development-- per say.

For example, I can’t really put on display anything I’ve worked on since 2004, unless it’s my personal stuff and I’m willing to disclose it to the public domain.

another sighting at around 20m


i doubt that the spirit to push Rhino’s marketing is anywhere close to existent. they are practically doing there job well at enjoying the automatic popularity it gained. nothing wrong by that…it still works i think. if you read around in current topics the idea is brought up very often that extra steps would need extra efforts, they are not greedy if one can call it so, but maybe really a bit too reluctant in trying to expand :man_shrugging:


That looks like the flat custom render render someone showed in this forum a few months/years back to mimic sketch up view (sorry, couldnt find the post)

Anyways, in my experience, Rhino is the most secretly used software I know. Multiple companies that I had contact with spoke about using Solidworks, Solidedge and other parametric software, but all of them had crucial workflows that relied on Rhino. That is basically all my 3d modelling freelancing works, making in rhino, with decent quality, what their hired workers couldn’t do on their regular software, I know at least two small companies that bought and hired people to work with rhino and incorporate into their workflow.

Rhino has unmatched speed (IMO), requires small investment in hardware to work fine enough and has the most friendly of all licensing contracts.

As a friend of mine once said, keeping the original words because they kinda rhyme in portuguese (Rindo and Rhino).
“Não existe nada que seja feito chorando em outro software, que não fazemos rindo no Rhino.”
“There isn’t anything that can be done in tears on other softwares, that we cannot do laugthing in Rhino.”


This thread is about the exact opposite, though: People who reveal the “secret” of Rhino to millions of viewers. Let’s try to turn the tides away from Dassault and Autodesk and find more such links!

That person doesn’t do much filleting I’m guessing (no need to reply, I’m just being snarky… let’s try to keep this thread on track, please). :wink:

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What about that video of Autodesk promoting itself that shows a monitor with Rhino open and they didnt even knowledge the use of Rhino in the video description?

I posted a screen cap in this thread

and this is timed on another moment of the video that they show Rhino on the recording

I actually like to do the fillets manually to have better control on the composite parts, but yes, we wouldn’t do it in Rhino because the Solidworks curvature analysis to check the radius wouldn’t pick up the radius value, and in our workflow we needed the screen cap from the solidworks tool to add to the checklist to collect the signatures needed to send the parts to fabrication, since solidworks was the “official modelling tool”.

In the end, complex filleting points, where multiple edges arrived, we would usually need to get back to rhino to finish it, because solidworks would fail or produce ugly results.

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I found a few videos to share :slight_smile:

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First, those are niche videos with no reach beyond people who are already users, or curious enough to at least have heard of Rhino. Second, they lack at least a zero behind their view counts to make any dent at all, I’m afraid.

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The views # of more than 999k or so, would constitute what? The purpose of this thread is to determine the magnitude of the ‘dent’ a particular channel will make in the minds of the populous as per Rhino ideologies?

Oh I remember seeing this now. :coffee:

Yeah, I once learned a long time ago that it seemed, any big-company using any high-dollar CAD’s, probably also have seats of Rhino :blush:

In my own journey searching for the best CAD’s, at the University I studied, I got exposed to pretty much all of them but a few, and they still even had a seat of an out-dated version of Rhino 2 – at the time :smiling_face_with_tear:

They never talked about it or had a class on it, but I definitely played around with it, and noticed all the ‘formats’ that it was able to import/export. I literally first started using Rhino as a CAD exchange program :joy: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Later when I started taking Rhino much more seriously in R4, I only remember having access to one single (tips n’ tricks) video that existed at the time, for like $50. And it was super boring and countless hours long and covered everything. But I got through it and learned everything as fast as I could.

Rhino’s help docs are the best I’ve ever seen too. I really like that F1 key :smiley:

Ppl learning Rhino for the first time, these days, are spoiled cause youtube etc., there’s exponentially much more content available now, it’s mind blowing.