Computation - problem

I have very simple definition using bowbird. I can’t put it into the shapediver because of 81 miliseconds of computation time. I tired different thing to make it smaller, but with no succes.
What can i do with it?


The model could not be confirmed because it took too long to compute a solution on our servers. Your account is limited to 10000 milliseconds of computation (the model took 10081 milliseconds).

waffle (1.8 MB)

can’t you simply remove the unused boundary, 2 offset and extrude components?

yes i can. But i need them both. I tried if it works with only part of the definition. But still the computation time is too big.

A couple of suggestions:

  • Try an alternative to the “Extrude both sides” cluster that you are using. This seems to take an unnecessarily long time for a simple extrusion.
  • In any case (and importantly if you do not replace the cluster above), I think you can safely reduce the number of points for the input curves of this component. Try rebuilding the curves that come out of the BB Radial component before extruding them.

There are likely other optimizations you can do to your definition, you can contact our projects team if you would like some assistance. Alternatively, Business accounts let you use up to 30 seconds for computations.

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Thank you Mathieu.
I played with curves and now it works.