Processing time doubling when uploaded to Shapediver?

I have a definition that shows a 5.7 second computing time when running natively in Rhino, but that doubles when uploading to Shapediver to almost 14,000 milliseconds.

I’ve gone through the definition and the most glaring process time is the Opennest button, which takes up approximately 5.5 seconds on its own. While taking that component away does solve the problem, exporting the nested parts for cutting is an essential part of what I’m trying to achieve.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

Hi @alejandro, models in ShapeDiver take the same to compute than in Grasshopper, plus the time it takes to transfer the data to our servers and to the viewer. Are your meshes and materials optimized? The smaller they are, the less data has to be transfered.

Regarding the Opennest component, you need to run this component just at the end when you are ready with your design process by using a toggle. We explain how to do so here

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Thanks Edwin, I’ll try this out and report back!

@edsahergom I reviewed that video and corrected my definition to include a Boolean toggle to only process the nesting at the end as shown:

Uploading to Shapediver with the toggle off went smoothly and the model displayed correctly, but turning the toggle on gave me a “too much compute time” error, and the button I had created to only export the nested geometry (but not display it) simply stayed in the “exporting” phase for a long time and I never received the email with the nested files.

Beyond the Opennest component, the next highest button to take up processing time is the Extrude button, but that only takes up 139ms, and I made sure to not use it except for display purposes. All the curves needed for nesting are taken before the extrusion in order to prevent Brep explosions or wireframe extracts, etc.

Is this a case where the Shapediver account simply needs access to more than 10 seconds of compute time in order to process the nesting? I’m attaching the definition for reference.

200811_Parametric Wall (40.3 KB)

It seems that you are just hitting the computation time limit. The OpenNest takes about 7 seconds on my computer and with the additional processing of the other components it adds up to about 10 seconds.

You can further optimise the curves used for extrusions by reducing the number of control points with the native Simplify Curve component. Other optimisation techniques are well explained in this tutorial.

To improve the response, try switching the preview off for the SDSetProperties component in your definition. The nested curves don’t need to be rendered in the viewer for exporting.

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Pavol thanks for looking into it. I’ll work on reducing the control points in order to reduce the compute time and hopefully get it working well under 10 seconds once uploaded.