Compositing a 3D curve from two planar curves - list nightmare

Because both planar curve curl back on themselves at the front of this submarine, any technique has problems. If I extrude the planar curves so they intersect each other, I get two resulting curves, but neither is correct.

Creating a series of control points, finding the intersection with the other curve requires filtering the double points, but I cant think of a good logic to do that


3D curve Ex (14.6 KB)

Thank for that, but no worky … : (


3D curve Ex (13.7 KB)

From that thread… Also no worky… (10.4 KB)

Fennec plugin has a feature.


It works for me. I disabled the parts that rebuild curves and show curvature graphs. One thing to note is that your two guide curves (‘sheer top view’ and ‘sheer profile’ in my model) don’t meet? But the result still looks good.

3D (20.2 KB)

Thanks again, but the curvature is not followed… even if the frame count is increased by an order of magnitude


This curvature at the nose is very important

This approach also doesnt work…


crv2views_Y (18.9 KB)

Here is a variation on a slightly different method:

3D (9.1 KB)

It matches well in front view but not top view. I think your curves must meet at one end for these methods to work. P.S. Tested - there’s more to it than that… :thinking:

Well the curves are dictated by the design, so is the tail wagging the dog, or the dog wagging the tail?

The second method I posted isn’t really valid except in special cases. I use the first method for boat sheer lines all the time and it works great. Having the curves double back as you do presents a problem. What does this boat look like?

Im not sure why I get different result to you…

3D curve Ex (10.8 KB)

Both these curves, curve back on themselves slightly at the nose. This generates two points that are valid projections an intersecting plane, which appears to be the method common to all these solutions.

This boat has wheels : /

That picture is too small to tell me anything but the problem is pretty obvious when you look at it this way, which appears to be what the plugin is doing?

3D (8.0 KB)

Yes exactly. There has to be some sorting of the points which was the logic I was working on

But your logic failed.

A submarine with wheels?

More like submarine car )
I guess its all just perspective in the end…