Combine 2 curves on Grasshopper

Hi all,

How would it be possible to combine 2 different curves so that they are considered to be one curve?
Attached are a gh and rhino document with the example case I am talking about. Thanks!! (2.7 KB)
ghcurve-question.3dm (22.6 KB)

Your curves already touch each-other but their ends don’t meet at all.
You can’t “join” those 2 curves. Not without sad gimmicks (like adding an overlapped segment).

Better question: why you want to do so? After you would “combine” them, what you would do?

Thank you, @maje90. I have a net-like structure made of curves. And I want the structure to deform with contact to other meshes. If the curves are not connected after “explode”, the structure can’t deform completely.