Blending Two Curves


I have a feeling this would be quite simple for someone to figure out who knows Grasshopper well but I am having some trouble doing it myself as I am a beginner;

I have:

  1. an imported curve in plan (XY) that is geo located to correspond to other geometry that exists in the model
  2. an imported curve in elevation (Z) that is not geo located to correspond to a specific point

I need to take the Z information from curve(2) and cross it with curve(1) in order to get a 3 dimensional line. I understand that each curve has a list or set of points (XYZ) I know I need to take the Z information from curve(2) and input it into the (XYZ) of curve(1). The starting point of the newly created curve(3) needs to be the starting point of curve(1)

I want to make a definition for this so that later on I could input different curve(1) and curve(2) to find the resulting curve(3)

rather confused by your description…could you manually draw what you want and upload a screen shot? it would help if your curve1 curve2 and curve3 are in different color (10.6 KB)

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I ended up defaulting to my regular way of making it because I was in a time crunch, but I’ve just noticed your reply now with the definition you have created and this is perfect! thank you so much for your response!

The same code is used to derive the sheer curve on a boat (blue) from two 2D curves, the yellow ‘hSheer’ top view Plan Crv (XY), and the white ‘vSheer’ front/side view Elevation Crv (Z).