I created a curve from two views using GH, but the curve is seperated. How can I get a continous curve?

Hi everyone!
I used grasshopper to realize “a curve from two views”, as you see, the two red lines are two views (perpendicular to each other), and the blue line is the created one, and it is seperated. I am quite confused why this happened.
Is there anyway I can get a continous curve, or the original curves have some problem?
Thanks for any help!

curvesfromtwoviews.gh (10.6 KB)

This is logic , different heights and different start/end points coordinates

Thank you, Seghier, for your quick reply.
Do you mean I should check the two views to ensure the same heights and end point coordinates?

Also different shape, you must check the two curves and what you want create

So cool, Seghier!
That’s my idea: I want to create a centerline of a irregular pipe. I project the pipe to two views, and create the 2D centerlines of the two views, then try to create the 3D centerline from the two views.
It seems the 2D centerlines have problems.
By the way, how do you build the line you show?
Thanks again!

Try this

curvesfromtwoviews2.gh (13.7 KB)

Thank you, Seghier! I tried it, but it is far from what I expected.
Anyway, you provide me a direction.
Thanks again!

This show you why you can get what you want

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Check this

curvesfromtwoviews3.gh (12.2 KB)

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Hi Seghier, that’s much better!!
Sorry I am leaving, and I will provide the tube for your test if you want.
Thank you again and have a nice evening!

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