Complex surface with point end on Grasshopper

Is there a way to make perfect surface with connected guides curves in grasshopper like in Rhino sweep2(+point) or Rhino networksurface.
I try to find a solution but it seems not easy or possible.

have you solutions or experiences ?


Without file I can’t do magic’s. Welcome to Discourse McNeel. Try Ruled Surface, Network Surface.

BVR (4.8 KB)

Here’s an example. Thanks for your answer

Your section curves are not in the right order, you can either re-order them manually or use some logic to sort them: (14.3 KB)

However I do not know how to close the sweep properly at the right end. It requires the input of a point instead of a section curve which is not accepted in the Grasshopper Sweep2 component. This is probably an oversight.

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surfcomplex BVR (5.1 KB)

I’m not sure still this is what you want or my approach towards this is right or not.

Many thanks for your aswers. The sweep2 version is more precise but there’s always the limit at the curves connexion.
The patch is efficient but not enough precise on the tangents. I’ll try to rebuilt the patch surface with curves ref, in a second time

Perhaps an other solution with pufferfish
It put automatically the curves in order
Easy way when it’s working ! (5.6 KB)

Maybe the most accurate in comparison to Rhinos sweep2 would be to use sweep2 via c# and supply the start point, the endpoint is unset in the c# script itself. (9.1 KB)

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