Insert a point in place of a section in the sweep 2 command

Goodmorning everyone. I am developing a hull parametric surface and I would need to insert a point as the “final” section in the sweep 2 command (which can be done in Rhino quite well). Is it possible to do the same thing in Grasshopper? I tried to connect the point together with the reference sections for the construction of the surface but it gives me error. Grasshopper builds the surface for me up to the last section inserted and does not build the last piece of surface (the one that goes from the aforementioned section to the point) even if the rails continue until that point.
Alternatively, is there a way to ask grasshopper to do a closed sweep?
Thank you all.

It’s possible to implement Rhinos Sweep2 function via scripting.

Here it’s done in C# and I added the option to unset start/end point via buttons (9.6 KB)

Instead of using a point, it works well to scale (very small!) and orient the next to last section: (20.0 KB)