Failing to create surface network

Hi there, I’m having a problem with creating a surface in the file attached. Long story short, I would like to create one continuous surface using the curves shown to then use Pufferfish to thicken and create an object for 3D printing.


I’ve been stumped for a while, though, because I can’t get the surface network to work properly. For example, If I use the first four transversal lines, I get a surface as shown below:

For some reason when I add the last one, no surface is generated. I have flattened the input curves to the NetSurf node.

I need a continuous surface so that the thickening operation with Pufferfish creates one continuous object and then it can be 3D printed. How can I best achieve the continuous surface?

Finger splint 4 (35.9 KB)

On this file you did not include the last curve that you mark as " Added this one" but also is there a reason why you don’t use just sweep?

Sorry no, here is the file with the last curve added.

I can’t use a sweep because the geometry of the the surface can be changed with the slider and panel all the way to the left so the geometry is not constant (if you play with these you will see how it changes). In a program like Solidworks I would use a loft with guide curves but I didn’t find an equivalent in GH unfortunately so used a surface network instead.

Finger splint 4 (37.5 KB)

It seems Sweep2is OK for me when if you change your parameters…

Finger splint 4 (34.0 KB)

Whoa, thanks, that works! Sweep2 was one of the first things I tried but I could never get it to work! I didn’t realise you could give various sections in the S parameter :sweat_smile:

Pardon my ignorance but I have to ask some questions. So do the curves that go into the S of the Sweep2 have to be in a particular order? Why do you reverse the order of the list?