Use Grasshopper/Rhino geometry as Revit family

I am new to the interoperability workflows, and was wondering if I could push a custom facade element that I created in Grasshopper, to Revit as a family (and possibly other tools). I need to communicate geometry as well as some information about the element. Aside from Rhino.Inside, is there a way I could achieve this? How would I go about it if I wanted to create an IFC model of the element, preferably with the help of opensource libraries (eg. xbim)?
Any help would be much appreciated!


Revit can read IFC element as a family properly?
Yes, you can produce IFCs via GH using xbim (that’s what I did in T-Rex, you can see it here: GitHub - paireks/T-Rex: Reinforcement plugin for Grasshopper). But generally speaking IFC is not easy to use schema for exchanging data between “BIM” software (which is the fault of IFC itself, not the BIM developers as they say). So if you can use Revit more directly, I guess this could be better option.

No problem on creating the family from Grasshopper geometry. The only caveat being Revit’s tolerances and Surfacing capability.

Once in revit as a family it can be exported as IFC.

If you share a file I can provide an example to get you going if need be.

Hi, thank you for the reply and for sharing your work. Looks like there is a lot I can learn from it.

@Japhy, will your method involve using Rhino.Inside ?

Yes, The geometry would be categorized into Revit Elements with their various IFC parameters available.

Rhino.Inside unfortunately might not be the right solution for me. I am looking to make the interoperability a part of our plugin.