Compatibility of Varq with blockedit plugin

I came across this amazing plugin for rhino.
But unfortunately this does not behave very well with VArq objects.
It ends up making the Varq blocks lose the dynamic thing.

Any possibility for compatibility of this plugin with Varq @fsalla?
I don’t know who’s the dev for this blockedit. Would be great if they can be tagged here as well.

Hi @keshavanarayan82 I’m not sure if it will be ever possible to edit VisualARQ objects in the same way you edit blocks in Rhino, or with this plugin. Because VisualARQ objects geometry and dimensions are ruled by their object and style properties and parameters. Therefore editing them as a block might break the way they are generated and loose their parametric features.

I didn’t mean it that way @fsalla. I’m currently away from my pc. I’ll try to explain in text.

Let’s say for example 4 vabeams are combined to create a single block in Rhino and if the combined block is edited to change the length of the beams, it still works afaik.

But if the blockedit plugin is installed and the combined block is edited, the vabeams lose the parametric nature.

Hi @keshavanarayan82 excuse me for the misunderstanding. I’ll explore that Bock Edit plugin and see if there’s anything we can do on our side to avoid this issue, or just rely on their developers to fix it and make it work with VisualARQ objects.


Thanks for looking into this! That blockedit plugin is a true gem, and it would be great if it played along with VA as good as possible.