VA objects inside blocks broken by "MakeUnique" script

There’s this very handy plugin called “BlockTools”, by @ejnaren. Can’t do without it anymore when dealing with blocks. It contains the python scripts “ResetBlockScale”, “SelSameBlocks” and “MakeUnique”. The latter however breaks parametricity of all VisualArq parts inside the block.
Could you please do me a big favor and check why this is the case?
This is the source:

Thank you!

Hi @Eugen,

As you probably already know, VisualARQ custom objects are in reality blocks. This means that any Rhino plugin will see those custom objects like blocks, and will treat them like blocks.

We cannot control what other plug-ins do with our objects, so if a plug-in decides to modify or even delete our blocks, there is little we can do. In some Rhino commands, we “obfuscate” our objects so Rhino doesn’t detect them as blocks, but it’s impossible for us to predict which plug-ins/commands will break our objects.

Moreover, it is completely impossible to control if someone opens the 3DM in a Rhino without VisualARQ being installed and then he runs the same command.

We’ll try to investigate if there is something we can do, but currently I’m afraid there is no solution to your problem without modifying VisualARQ or the “MakeUnique” command.



Hi @Eugen @enric ,
I am big fan of the same plugin and use it extensively. And also I am very aware of this same limitation.

With blocks containing VisualARQ objects, there is a workaround. This works on all blocks, by the way.

  • Have a separate Rhino instance open
  • Cut the block you need to “make unique”
  • Paste it onto the other Rhino Window
  • _BlockEdit it, and change the name (slightly)
  • Copy-paste it back to its original location
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Thanks, Enric! Sorry to bother with this, but using blocks with VA parts inside turned out to be very parctical. Since there’s no built-in command like ‘MakeUnique’, my hopes were on this python script.
It’s not even long. If you find the time maybe you can give it a look and with your professional eye tell us if this ever could work or not.
Thank you!!