Va Objects in Blocks

I’ve made a block out of an entrance assembly including a wall, a curtain wall, and a door. It appears that the objects become polysurfaces conforming to their configuration at the time of creating a block and are no longer Va Objects. Is there any way around this?

Hi David,

How are you creating the blocks? Are you using BlockEdit?

VisualARQ objects do work inside blocks. There are however some known problems with BlockEdit command.


I’m inserting a door into a curtain wall segment.
Then I use the Block to create the block.
I use BlockEdit to subsequently edit the block. I don’t know another way. Usually I just double-click on the block but if there are co-incident objects that doesn’t work and I have to enter the command on the cli.

@djhg the BlockEdit doesn’t work on VisualARQ objects inside blocks. Once you edit the block, VisualARQ objects loose their parametric properties. It is necessary to explode the block, modify the VisualARQ objects, and create the block again. We will improve this in future versions.

Good to know, thanks.

@djhg, I’m glad to say that since VisualARQ 2.6.1 version it is possible to edit VisualARQ objects inside blocks and keep their parametric features without needing to explode the block. VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.6.1 released

Thanks. Does that include their sectional display fill attributes/settings?

Yes, it does.

I see that the minimum system requirements for 2.6.1 cite 6.11 as the minimum compatible Rhino version. Is this correct? (I"m still using 2.4.3 bgecause I thought the minimum Rhino version had moved to 6.12…

Hi djhg,
The minimum Rhino 6 version required to run VisualARQ 2.6 is actually the SR14.