VaObjects not working in nested blocks

They lose their parametric editability and are recognized as block instanced objects only.


I have also experienced this issue. With a little bit more documentation, here’s how I replicated the problem:

  1. Create two separate blocks made of VisualARQ geometry
  2. Create a single nested block comprised of the two blocks
  3. Doubleclicking on the nested block and then using the pop-up block manager to activate one of the nested blocks will show that the geometry inside of the block is no longer a “wall”, but is a block instance
  4. Additionally, if you exit the block, then explode all of the elements in the block back to their component parts, any elements from the block that you attempted to edit in step 3 will not retain their VisualARQ properties outside of the block.

Here are some screenshots:

Blocks in the Block Manager:

Selected “Wall” within block instance is no longer a wall, but a block instance:

Exploded Block Instance objects that were selected using the block manager pop-up no longer maintain VisualARQ properties:

…But the block that was not selected keeps the VisualARQ properties when exploded:

Attached is the model I used
VisualARQ Block Bug.3dm (652.5 KB)

Hi @djhg and @steve.danilowicz,

Yes, this is a known issue of VisualARQ custom objects when using the BlockEdit command. The problem is that there is no API or events that tell us that the currently edited block has changed, and we couldn’t keep our objects as custom. A fix is planned for VisualARQ 3.x. It may require that McNeel makes some changes in Rhino, so the fix will probably work only on Rhino 8.

I want to point out that VisualARQ objects do support nested blocks. What is not currently supported is editing custom objects inside a nested block using the BlockEdit command. They work fine, as long as you don’t edit them.



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Ok. Thx Enric:

1)Can we edit the block - which is nested - by opening it outside (not nested) in its block, and expect it to update where it is nested?
2) Is there a way to lock the VaObject inside the block so that we don’t inadvertently double click on it and cause it to lose its properties? 2a) Would ctrl+L do it? 2b) Would it still update if edited from outside a block?

Hi @djhg,

Yes, if you create a model instance of the nested block and edit them with BlockEdit, once the command ends, all nested blocks should be updated, and VisualARQ objects should keep as custom. I tried in a simple model, and it seems to work fine. Please, let me know if you find something strange.

That’s a good idea, although I don’t know if it’s possible. I’ll try if there is something that I can do.



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Thanks Enric. Please let me know.

Hello! This might be something that McNeel needs to look into. As you surely know, this dialog pops up when leaving a BlockEdit session, when anything is locked or hidden:

Yes. However, the behaviour prompting this post is particular to Va objects.