Command watermark

I was trying the command “applies watermark” and it seems to work, but when I use the command “find watermark”, Rhino says that does not find objects with watermark.

Basically the command is misunderstood by most users.
It is not intended to generally identify geometry.
The command requires that the objects be highly modified to be recognized as special enough to watermark.
There is a lot of talk about removing the command because of this general misunderstanding.

If the problem you’re trying to solve is to make it so your designs can’t be easily modified by another Rhino user, then a good approach is to make well-fitting meshes from your NURBS geometry, and export the meshes to your down-stream user. Don’t send them NURBS objects that can be easily edited.

Good advice. Unfortunately I have to send files .stl to print high resolution 3D and in addition to a non-disclosure agreement, I did not find other options.

stl is a polygonal mesh format so that will make the objects much harder to edit in Rhino.

Yes, of course. MI are badly explained. I meant that the file .stl I provide may be used without my consent for 3D printing. For this I was looking for a way to protect my files.

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Is there a better way to protect files developed in rhino?

Hello- as far as I know there is no good way to protect a Rhino file in general.


If you send a 3dm file, it can be changed.
If you make an STL mesh file and send that, it’s a good approximation of the model, but it dies not have NURBS surfaces that can be modified.