Command reverting issue

Hi Guys…

I’m having an issue with SubD commands like stich, and weld either not working, or producing results and then reverting to the function undoing as soon as I move to the next?.

TYIA, Joe.

Hi Joe - that sounds annoying- can you provide an example file with a blow-by-blow to repeat? Can you please also run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results?


A guess of what may be going on.
With some commands you see results and it looks like the command is complete but you still need to complete the command with “Enter” or equivalent. If you don’t complete the command but end it Rhino reverts to the state it was in before starting the command.

So you need to pay attention to the command line to tell if that’s what is happening.

Thank you David.

When the command line indicates as per the attached screengrab, and the function has apparently completed, hitting the enter tab or any other action reverts the function.

Thank you for your help, JP.

Hi Joe,

Your screengrab shows the command is still in progress and asking you to indicate where you want the stitch to lie on the surface. You can choose the first edge, the second edge, or use the mouse to pick your own choice.


In your screen capture the command line shows that the command is waiting for you to select an additional command option or accept the boldfaced default. To change from the default, left click on the one you want in the command line then hit enter or for the default just hit enter. In Rhino “enter” means (from the Rhino 7 help):


To accept command-line input, do one of the following:

  • Press the Enter key
  • Press the Spacebar.
  • Click the right mouse button .


Thank you Jeremy.

Yes, the problem is no matter what I do, selecting the edge or otherwise the function closes.


Thank you.

Yes, the problem is no matter what I do, selecting the edge, default, or otherwise the function closes without completing.


If you post the model on the forum (or export just the object that won’t stitch and post that) and indicate which edges you are trying to stitch then we can take a look. Much easier to diagnose the patient when you can give them a prod…


There seems to be a few anomalies showing up.

Now when I draw a square the four lines are not attached, ( can only be selected individually) though they cannot be joined either, or grouped.
As well when I try to merge vertices in SubD the function does nothing…

Is there some kind of systemic issue I’m looking at here?. Very confusing.
I’ve been using this program for over twenty years but never experienced several bugs at once?.


OK thanks Jeremy.

I will give it a shot.



Sorry Joe, that file doesn’t contain any objects.

Something strange going on here.
The SubD part will not save or copy to a new file. (Says objects ignored when I try to copy and paste it, and exports no geometry as a Rhino 7 file.

I’m starting to notice other glitches that has me wondering if there’s a systemic issue.
For example weld vertices does nothing.
For another when I draw a simple square it produces a square made out of four separate line segments that can neither be joined or grouped.

Wondering if my Rhino install is corrupted or some other computer problem?.


Is there a background log that I can provide for examination?.
Not sure how to proceed with this one.

Thanks Again, Appreciate the help.


I saved, and closed the program, and upon opening it again I was then able to copy and paste the problem object, (See attached).

Stitching issue.3dm (96.3 KB)

The Stitching issue, and the weld vertices still fails to function.
Though I can now draw a proper square.


Hi Joe,
I was able to stitch the adjacent naked edges as follows:

  1. Turn on the edge filter _SelectionFilterEdges

  2. Run stitch _Stitch and select the EdgeLoop option

  3. Select the first EdgeLoop here:

    then press Enter

  4. Select the second EdgeLoop here:

    then press Enter

  5. At the location prompt:
    just press Enter.

The edges are stiched:

If you follow these steps in a copy of your Stitching Issue file, does the stitch work for you?


Update: It isn’t necessary to select EdgeLoops.

If you just select two Edges at the points previously indicated, Rhino will stitch them, and the adjacent pair of naked edges as well. You don’t need to add the adjacent ones to the selections. If you try to do so, it seems that may well prevent the stitch completing.

If, instead of selecting the indicated edges, you try selecting just the adjacent pair, the stitch does not work, nor do the indicated edges get stitched. You have to start with the pair furthest from the already stitched section.

I don’t know whether these behaviours are by design.