SubDSpinEdge going against the grain

Hi McNeel and all
SubDSpinEdge is - at least as far as the commands I regularly use - the only command I know of that requires the user to esc out of a command, not to interupt it, but to actually complete it successfully. Would it be more in line with the rest of the commands in Rhino and their structure to use S for Spin and leave Enter to end the command? At least for me, ending/completing the commands with Enter is second nature, and it feels weird changing it for just one command.

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Thanks @Normand I completely agree, I logged RH-73902 SubDSpinEdge UI doesn’t work as expected


I think marking RH-73902 as duplicate will prevent this topic from being automatically notified of the fix. This is fixed and will be available in the next Release Candidate of Rhino WIP.

RH-73773 SubDSpinEdge command - Added SpinEdgeAgain and Undo options and tuned up workflow