Faulty Undo

while I was working at a certain point the Undo command no longer worked.

Did you by any chance attempt a hatch match (to another hatch) before it stopped working?

Yes, I used this function before it stopped.

We have several reports of Undo that stops working, but so far nothing reproducible has come out. If this happens again, pls send the result of command history to see if we can spot a pattern.
When it happened on my end that info didn’t yield any results unfortunately.

If I do Match in hatch pattern, I cannot reproduce the error.

RH-82024 Nothing to Undo on simple tasks - Rhino 8

Hi Gijs,
Really, I thought the hatch match / no undo bug was easily reproduced…. At least I could when I reported it a week or two ago. I’m traveling today, so I can’t test right now, but I thought Dale was able to reproduce it.

ah, I see this one, but that got fixed:
RH-82686 Annotation Hatch: Undo gets cleared after hatch match