Command Request - CurveBoolean with Sketch option for region selection

Hey Guys,

Would be nice to expand the CurveBoolen region selection methods.
Mainly incorporate the “SelFence” or “Sketch” code into a selection tool.
Would be awesome, save a lot of time, especially on complex commands, in may application.
Many other selection options would be possible, sketch would be the best

Thanks guys.

Cool note:
Could also make for some pretty awesome live parametric art to be created, down the track.
Load a back texture (map of curves), have sketch command input linked to revolving geometry, or more advanced, linked a to a contrast tracing webcam, and dynamically update the output to a users shadow. Could be a hand, or whole body.

you can type the work lasso in the command line to activate the lasso select in tools that require selection-

Hey Kyle,

The initial selection is easy enough, no limitations to normal selection methods.
The issue is in the second portion of the command, the Region Selection.
It is limited to internal clicks only.
You can use an external selection commands at this point, but CurveBoolean does not recognise the selection, and reverts back to internal click selection afterwards.

Hopefully McNeel can rewrite the command code for broader selection methods.
I am guessing it uses the same portion of code as “Hatch”.
Would be a lot of effort to recode the command with multiple selection methods, but both commands could benefit with it use.

can you post an example so we can see what youa re doing and where the wheels fall off with the current tool?

You can see that “SelFence” command works for initial curve selection, once “CurveBoolean” Command is initiated, you are prompted to click inside regions to keep. Trying to reuse a “SelFence” mid command is not recognised, limited to internal clicks only.
I would be nice if this region selection could be broadened to include to full option of selection tools, or at least the single alternative option of sketch/draw regions to keep.