Feature requests from a curveboolean evangelist

I am an architecture student, and find curveboolean to be an incredibly useful, yet under-recognized, tool for working on 2D drawings. I encourage others to explore curveboolean whenever I can. That being said, there are a few improvements I would like to suggest to make the command even better. I primarily use Rhino on a Mac, but I think things are mostly the same in Windows. Here is my fantasy wishlist, generally ordered by priority:

  • It would be great to be able to go back and forward using keyboard shortcuts while clicking regions in the command.
  • One major frustration is when there is a small gap or curve you forget to select before running the command. I often click dozens of regions, only to find a small gap and have to start over again. I think this could be solved be adding an option to induct curves into the set being used while in the command. A further development of this would be the ability to actually draw new curves (and add them to the set) while in the command, such as to plug a small gap.
  • I would love a way to preview the result of the command before completing it. Currently the display indicates picked regions by overlaying a black line on the yellow selected lines, and adding a light transparent fill:
    This can sometimes get difficult to see in drawings with many lines, and does not differentiate between the delete none/used/all options. Toggling between the current display mode (shown above) and a preview of the final results would be very useful.
  • This might be better as a separate command, but an option to make a closed curve for every region in the set would be useful, especially for drawings destined for heavy use of hatched/filled regions. It would be equivalent to running curveboolean with combine regions off and clicking in every region. Something like the below image (I’ve pulled the regions apart for clarity in the “after” part):

Excellent suggestions, I would find all of them very helpful, too. +1

For this one I was thinking of solving it by running curveboolean with combine regions off and clicking outside all region. (The same way you can combine all shapes when combine regions is on)

Also, not sure if I’m missing out on something but it would be awesome to have BooleanDifference and BooleanUnion for curves.

This option is available in Rhino V6. Once you’ve selected your curves, you will see an AllRegions command line option…


Mind is blown.