2 Suggestions for Curve Boolean

  1. BUG: Clicking selects a adjacent item, tool wouldn’t work precise if you click fast one after the other item
  2. wish for Rv6

Sorry there has been no reply.

Can you post an example model for #1?

You need to click the blank areas between the curves, not to select the curves themselves. For that, you need to use Trim.

how would a shift drag LMB work in this case? CB needs a mouse click to ‘flood’ the islands to differentiate new objects.
As for not getting the results you desire when clicking, have you tried using a smaller tolerance setting? You can get more accurate results especially when working with small or very close together geometry. Going to .0001 tolerance usually does the trick for me. Remember to set it back to .001 or higher afterwards.

Hello, sorry for the bump, but is there any development on this or anything happening with CurveBoolean?

Illustrator’s Shape Builder tool works in a similar way to what Hannes is talking about in his second point.

I was wondering, at the moment the tool has a useful mode that floods the whole shape but only when CombineRegions=yes

Would it be possible to have the same functionality even when regions aren’t being combined? In essence creating a segmented version of the “whole”?

could you make a Screenshot what you want to accomplish? try faststone capture. it’s Good for annotations and stuff.

I’m not really trying to achieve anything at the moment but it is a tool that would have made things a lot easier in the past, but I will try to illustrate what I was thinking.

If we assume I’m trying to create some triangular panelling (1), it is quite easy to generate the construction geometry (2), but then to actually extract the panels can be quite a painstaking process (3). It just seems that with the proposals you made above and this, CurveBoolean could become a much more powerful tool than it currently is.