[HELP] Paint with Curveboolean


I am working on a small project for a few tiled patterns .
I do this by drawing a grid of lines in both X and Y directions at one centimeter distance. I then select the lines and use curve boolean to visually “draw” the shapes I like to keep.

The workflow works perfectly for what I am trying to do, however is pretty slow.
Curve boolean forces me to click select one shape at a time, when I am doing hundreds per panel, it does become slow.

I was wondering if anyone has some advice on how to improve the workflow? It would be great to be able to use a “brush” ish behaviour to click and drag over the surface to select several parts

I like the responsiveness of the method and dont really want to do any image based ones unless there is a realtime link aspect to it.

Thank you for your help

can you post a pic or file as an example?

Sure, apologies for the delay. Did not see notification on this reply.

I have recreated the workflow in Illustrator in the video attached. In Rhino I can achieve the same result with curve boolean as described, but as there is no drag behaviour, I would have to select a square at a time.

EDIT: Quick note to add that this would be similar to the power trim function in Solidworks

You can use _SelBrush

Thank you for jumping in, I did not know that command and it works perfectly.

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I just tried this with a 100 x 100 faces Mesh Plane. After the selection try _DupBorder