CurveBoolean command (More Region Selection options)


Maybe this is just a feature request, or perhaps it is possible. . . But I thought it would be nice if the CurveBoolean command could make use of additional ways to select regions other than having to click each one individually.

Something like a ‘crossing paths’ approach, OR a ‘Windows selection box’ would also be nice. basically anything that can cut down on having to click each region individually (when some other means can grab multiple regions with a smaller amount of effort).

It gets to be pretty laborious when there are a lot of regions to combine… and I start to wonder what wears out first my trackpad, or my clicking finger.

alternative to this, would be to list more options for selections… e.g. an option to select the entire outside perimeter of the combined curves.

… and maybe others things as well. It happens to be that very often I need to select the outside perimeter so that’s the first one to come to mind.

Just click anywhere outside the whole figure and you’ll get the outside perimeter… --Mitch

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