Command Prompt field has disappeared! Help!

I am using Rhino for Mac and suddenly I no longer have a command prompt dialog. If I type extend, it will not ask me to select the curve or boundary, for example. I’m a beginner so this is really problematic and have been stuck in proceeding with my model. The whole command field had disappeared, as well as the tool pallette, and somehow got those back. The left sidebar has also become a field that starts with a toggle for “persistent” and “one shot” if that has anything to do with it.
All help is greatly appreciated!

That is your “Osnaps” panel. Check if you can pull the top of that down, maybe it is hiding your Main tools panel which includes the command line.
If that does not work, open your preferences under the Rhinoceros menu, and open the “Themes” section. Your Sidebar Palette should be “Main” or “Main+Standard”


@Ashley_Eriksmoen - did you get this sorted out?