Command or macro to open right click context menu? Right click context menu not working with Wacom?

I’ve always used the delayed right click context menu (really nice feature). I’m re-trying my Wacom pen in V7. My Wacom pen will not pop up the right click context menu. I’ve tried different delay speeds in Rhino options and setting the right mouse click from hover to click and tap in the Wacom settings but still nothing. Maybe there is a delayed speed or setting I am missing? I have windows ink off in Wacom settings as that interferes with the Wacom and Rhino’s right click.

But as a work around I could assign the context menu to my Wacom’s popup menu if I could figure out what the command or macro is to get the context menu to popup without actually using the mouse button.

Hello - use PopUpMenu for this.


Hi @pascal,
Thanks I know that, in fact I have a “popupmenu” on the delayed context menu under ad items that pop ups snaps I was just hoping there was a macro or command to actually get the delayed context menu to show without using the mouse buttons. Seems it should be there since all other commands have command line commands just wondering if I missed the command. If not I can work with customizing the popup menu but I liked the context menu in conjunction with my pop up menu.
Thanks for your help,

I can’t figure out a way to do that.

Thanks John I had a hunch that was going to be the case.